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Technical reports

Some of the Focus Areas within the Centre publish Technical Reports to assist various national and international industry sectors with problems that plague their sectors from a mathematical standpoint. This work is exceptionally important in that it benefits industry, and thus society, as a whole. The technical contributions have assisted the following industry sectors in making imrovements including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Mining (preventing truck falls in open cast mines; economic value modelling; rock fracture development modelling; rock strength and blast fragmentation; performance of composite liners)
  • Energy (exploding lakes; methane gas extraction; spontaneous combustion of stock-piled coal; utility pricing)
  • Wildlife and environmental management (fishing exclusion zones; rhino poaching; birds of prey near wind farms; electronic animal tracking; photograph matching for plant conservation)
  • Health (optimising best distribution routes for blood product to blood banks; refuse disposal sites effecting health)
  • Agriculture (pollination phenology; sugar cane production optimisation; bagasse stockpiling and spontaneous combustion; hard boiling)
  • Climate change (reducing urban heat islands with green roofs; carbon capture)
  • Socio-economic development (counting houses using LiDAR; economic cost of hazardous landfill sites)
  • Transport (traffic light synchronisation; air traffic rerouting; minibus taxis using RBT routes)
  • Shipping (chessboard wave dangers; rogue waves)
  • Sport (lane choices in swimming; decision making in football)
  • Entertainment (optimising movie scheduling)
  • Manufacturing (automating tempered glass quality control)


The Technical Reports listed below are outputs of the Mathematics in Industry Study Group – South Africa (MISG-SA) which the Centre has co-funded since 2015. You can read more about MISG-SA in their MISG 2021 Information Booklet, or alternatively watch their introductory video about how MISG-SA works.