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Publications and Outputs

The DSI-NRF CoE-MaSS funds numerous research grants, training opportunities, as well as Postgraduate Bursaries and Postdoctoral Fellowships in MaSS fields. It is important to note that our researchers, fellows and students do not give any of their institutional DHET research subsidy to the Centre. The research incentive subsidy stays with the institution/faculty/school/department where the research was carried out, in line with that Node’s policies and procedures for DHET research incentive funding.

Our DHET Subsidy Policy can be found here: How to cite support from the CoE-MaSS

Attached is a list of DHET-accredited journals (courtesy of the Wits University Library) that accrue DHET subsidy for those peer-reviewed publications that are published in 2020. Researchers, Postdocs and Postgraduate students are encouraged to publish in one of these ISI-accredited journals in order to maximise subsidy earnings to your institutions, wherever possible. Please also contact your relevant University Library for additional library-related support, if needed.

To submit a publication to the Centre, please email coe-mass@wits.ac.za

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