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Focus Areas

The CoE-MaSS has 12 core Focus Areas, in line with active researchers interests and national priorities. Each Focus Area has a Focus Area Coordinator (FAC) and a Junior Focus Area Coordinator (JFAC). The FAC is in charge of facilitating the high-level strategic oversight of all activities that take place within the theme, and the JFAC assists the FAC with coordination of the Focus Area. The importance of each Focus Area having an additional JFAC is to develop such skills in emerging researchers around the country in all MaSS areas with a focus to build up a sustainable skillset in research project planning and implementation, and to create succession plans within each Focus Area.

The Coordinators are responsible for liaising with all researchers within their Focus Area from all 16 of the CoE-MaSS. Nodes need to solicit their ideas for the strategic research trajectory for the Focus Area, compile the Focus Area Business Plan proposal and annual budget for the approval of the CoE-MaSS Steer/Co, compile the annual Focus Area report, and facilitate the progressive research goals of their multi-institutional Focus Area within the Nodes.

Annual Standing Focus Area Deadlines

  • 31 January - FAC & JFAC to submit Annual Progress Report from the preceding calendar year.
  • 15 September - FAC & JFAC to submit their Focus Area’s Annual Research Plan and Budget to CoE-MaSS for the following year, for consideration by the Steer/Co.
  • 30 November - CoE-MaSS to confirm Steer/Co-approved budget with the FAC & JFAC for the following year.