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Algebra and Topology

This area focuses on aspects related to interdisciplinary research undertaken in Algebra and Topology. The research done in this focus area involves several areas of in mathematics: number theory, group theory, complex analysis, graph theory, hyperbolic geometry and topology with numeric methods, and computational analysis. Dialogue across the different research domains is essential and should be encouraged not only at the research level but throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The links between technology and abstract ideas can find its realization in the research undertaken in this area.

Within the given areas there is often an interchange of ideas, visits and collaboration. The aim is to foster internal collaboration within each subdiscipline and provide an environment conducive to nurturing and attracting potential students/researchers in each of the areas in a bid to establishing a critical mass favourable to the growth of the focus area. The problems proposed and dealt with by this Focus Area are all of international standards and have attracted the collaboration with partners from many universities in Europe, USA and Canada and parts of Africa. This research exposes South Africa as it competes as a partner in the international arena. On the other hand, much of the research planned or produced in this focus helps further the boundary of current knowledge.


Bernardo Rodrigues (UP) Focus Area Coordinator (FAC)
Cerene Rathilal (UJ) Junior Focus Area Coordinator (JFAC)
Dharms Baboolal (UKZN)
Francesco Russo (UCT)
Frieda Theron (NWU)
James Raftery (UP)
John van der Berg (UP)
Kwashira Rugare (Wits)
Meira Hockman (Wits)
Olivier Otafudu (Wits)
Paran Pillay (UKZN)
Patrice Ntumba (UP)
Thekiso Seretlo (UL)
Themba Dube (UNISA)
Tung Le (UP)
Walt van Amstel (UP)