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Our Research

The School of Construction Economics and Management is involved in research activities covering a wide range of topics related to the construction and property sectors. While most of this research is carried out by members of the academic staff, students are also involved in research at both postgraduate and honours levels through assignments and their research projects and discourses.

Message from the PG Research Coordinator

Welcome to the School of Construction Economics and Management CEM’s research page. The school offers a distinctive opportunity for research candidates to explore knowledge to a high level. With academics from all over the globe, you are well poised to receive the best of both industry and academic excellence. Under the new leadership of Professor Sam Laryea, the school has recently undergone a myriad of transformative and innovative changes which has the researchers as the key focus. At the School of CEM, you have the opportunity to learn and engage with students and researchers from all walks of life, while enjoying the cultural, social, and recreational facilities of one of the world's greatest major cities.

With a broad of construction, project management, and real estate-focused research themes, the school has an expansive array of intellects and NRF-rated professors to assist you to achieve your research goals on a variety of modern research themes such as artificial intelligence for the built and human environment, building information modeling BIM, financial engineering and education. As a researcher at the school, you will be working alongside some of the best and established researchers in your chosen field.

From the moment you apply for your course of choice, there are instantly numerous research support and resources available to you, our support staff are helpful and are ready to ensure that you have a seamless experience in this regard. Once your application is accepted, you are added to the school’s monthly research seminars, you are eligible for supports such as library services, office space, teaching and research assistantships, industry internship opportunities, and funding support.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses in the school, should you have other questions about the courses or process, please visit our school website on or send an email to the school’s Postgraduate Officer, Ms Janice Wilson on

All the best,

Prof Kola Ijasan
PG Research Coordinator


We engage extensively with a wide range of firms and industrial partners including the following organisations and government departments.

  • Major and emerging contractors
  • Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS)
  • National Treasury
  • Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA)
  • Vela VKE
  • Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  • Bowman Gilfillan
  • GIBB Engineering
  • Wits University Capital Projects Department
  • Major procurers of construction work in South Africa
Research Areas

Current research of School staff is focused around the following areas

  • Contractor Development
  • Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation in Real Estate Firms
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Digital technologies and automation in construction
  • Education and training
  • Facility management
  • Gender in the Built Environment
  • Housing market regeneration and renewal
  • Innovative Procurement Systems
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
  • PPP, Mega Projects and Public involvment in construction projects
  • Procurement and commercial relationships in contracts
  • Project Management Practice
  • Project risk management
  • Real Estate Finance and Securitisation
  • Real Estate Investment in Emerging Markets
  • Reward Management in the Real Estate Sector
  • Safety and Health in the Built Environment
  • Sustainability in the built environment
Potential Supervisors and their Research Interests
Y. Babatunde
Project Management        
Construction project quality management.
International construction project management.
Construction client satisfaction.
Construction project performance.
Total quality management
Role of culture (national and organizational)
Role of project managers’ competence
K. Akinsomi
Real Estate Finance and Economics, Housing Markets.
Asset Pricing, Real Estate Investment Trust, Listed Property Stocks, Housing finance and Pricing, Emerging real estate markets.
Performance of REIT in emerging markets
Risks and Returns of listed property companies.
Determinants of house prices.
Mortgage prepayment and defaults
O. Ozumba
Project Management
Facility Management
Knowledge and technology transfer.
Project control
Digital technologies and automation in construction
Building Science
Gender issues in the built environment
Health and Safety issues in the built environment
S. Laryea
Construction procurement, Construction contract law, Price formation and commercial relationships in construction contracts.
Achieving intended project objectives through innovative and sustainable procurement systems and contract strategies
Role of the contract in performance incentivisation
Responsiveness of infrastructure procurement systems to developing country conditions
Risk and price relationship in construction projects
Impact of tendering on price formation in construction contracts


D. Root
PPP, Mega Projects and Public/community involvement in construction projects.
Knowledge and technology transfer in construction.
Delivering Value For Money through procurement.
Integrated project delivery within PPPs.
Integrated project teams and procurement.
Building Information Modelling.
Knowledge transfer between project participants.
Lean Construction.


N. Khatleli
PPPs, Mega Projects, Public consultations, Sustainable construction methods
K. Ijasan
Real Estate Valuation
Housing Market Regeneration and Renewal
Housing Market Regeneration and Analysis
Sustainable Real Estate Development
Real Estate Analysis and Investment
Corporate Real Estate Management
Real Estate Valuation 


Y. Adewumi
Facility Management
S. Azasu
Corporate Real Estate Management, Office Market Analysis, Green Buildings, Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation and Reward Management. Real Estate Education.
T Sebehela
Real Options
Growth Options, especially Exchange Options.
Robust pricing and hedging (i.e. volatility hedging).
S. Dlamini
Construction economics, construction project management
 Infrastructure development,   construction investment
 Relationship of construction sector to economic growth.
Energy efficiency in built infrastructure development
 E. Saghatforoush
Construction/Project Management
Building Information Modelling
Integrated Project Delivery
Construction Sustainability
Automation in Construction
B. Mpofu
Real property Investment, Economics and Finance
Time series analysis, structural breaks, non-parametric models, forecasting, volatility, systematic reviews(meta-analysis & bibliometrics)
Property cycles and forecasting real estate markets, responsible real estate investment, real estate investment trusts, shopping centre developments, real estate lending, housing, valuation