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Vision and Mission


To be a place of choice for excellence and innovation in research-led pharmacy and pharmacology education


To provide pharmacy and pharmacology education designed to meet societal needs underpinned by research. The following is central to our mission:

  • Nurture students to acquire the knowledge, competencies and skills to practice as pharmacists in all sectors
  • Provide education that prepares students intellectually and ethically as leaders in the profession
  • Create an environment that promotes learning and awareness of individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Share knowledge through multidisciplinary scholarly activity
  • Reshape the future of pharmacy in an organized and integrated manner to optimize health and wellness
  • Inculcate in staff and students a commitment to promote the profession and serve society

Core Values:

  • Partnerships, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Research excellence and innovation
  • Responsivity to the health needs of people
  • Professionalism and ethical behaviour
  • Respect, diversity and compassion