Faculty of Health Sciences

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There are seven Schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Anatomical Sciences

The school was established as the Department of Anatomy in 1919 and is one of the oldest divisions of the university. The School currently comprises three academic divisions, namely morphological anatomy; structural biology (histology); and biological anthropology.

School of Clinical Medicine

The School teaches the practice of clinical medicine through the subject areas such as surgery, radiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine and psychiatry.

School of Oral Health Sciences

The Faculty of Dentistry was formed in 1926 out of the Faculty of Medicine. From January 1, 1997 the two Faculties were amalgamated once more as the Faculty of Health Sciences. The old dental faculty is now the School of Oral Health Science, an equal partner with the other Schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

School of Pathology

The School of Pathology's mission is to provide excellence in pathology in the form of service, teaching and research.

School of Physiology

The School is the largest entity teaching physiology in South Africa, and probably on the continent. It plays a significant role in the training of physiologists; some of its graduates hold high-profile and prestigious appointments in South Africa and throughout the world.

School of Public Health

This multi-disciplinary School produces skilled public health practitioners appropriately trained to address the range of public health needs and challenges within South African and African settings.

School of Therapeutic Sciences

The School specialises in nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy studies and physiotherapy.