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Are you fascinated by trends and fashions, and why certain brands are so much more successful than others? Do you ever wonder what makes last season’s cool “must haves” suddenly “so last year”? Would you love to shape the world’s desires? Then Marketing could be your dream career.

There are many exciting careers options open to marketing professionals, including advertising manager, brand manager, events manager, project manager, promotions manager, public relations manager, sales manager, market research manager and many more.  The whole new world of online and virtual shopping brings with it the exciting space known as digital marketing.

Would you make a good Marketing professional?

Marketing (and advertising in particular) is often portrayed in films and TV as being exciting and glamorous, and it can be, but it’s also very fast paced, deadline-orientated and definitely no 9 to 5 career.

You may want to consider studying marketing if you have several of the following interests, qualities and talents:

  • A fascination with brands, advertising and media
  • A keen follower of, and up-to-date on, the latest trends
  • Good at strategies
  • Creative and self-motivated
  • Work well in team environments
  • Detail orientated, but also able to see the big picture
  • Capable of meeting deadlines, and open to last minute changes
  • Able to thrive under pressure
High Level Curriculum

Marketing majors complete two full years of marketing courses, starting from second-year level. The first modules introduce the core principles, practical relevance and importance of the role that marketing plays in business practices. This includes concepts such as environmental analysis, market segmentation and positioning, and the design and implementation of marketing strategies. The curriculum also covers specialised marketing areas, such as sports marketing, e-marketing, green marketing, consumer behaviour, retail marketing, rural marketing, integrated marketing communication and social marketing.

Third year student projects include the drawing up of marketing plans and marketing research proposals for existing businesses in order to prepare the students for the work environment through practical application and engagement.

Building a strong major combination for Marketing

Marketing is a strong major combination with ManagementInformation Systems, Psychology, Finance and Human Resource Management.