Information Systems
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Information Systems

Are you fascinated by how technology affects people, organisations and societies, and vice versa? Are you one of the first to download and use the latest app? Do you enjoy solving “real world” problems? Then studying Information Systems may be ideal for you.

Though technologies play a vital part in these systems, the focus of Information Systems study is on the design of systems in their entirety and not just the technology components. This is how studying IS differs from Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science.   IS professionals have globally relevant knowledge and skills, which are in short supply and high demand.

Would you make a good Information Systems professional?

If you recognise several of the following interests, qualities and talents in yourself, you might consider studying information systems:

  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good problem solving and troubleshooting abilities
  • Excited by change driven by technology
  • An affinity for complexity and attention to detail
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
High Level Curriculum

Information Systems is offered as a three year major, meaning that IS majors complete 3 full years of IS courses. First year students begin by learning how technologies impact individuals, organisations and societies. They then learn how to plan, write and test basic programs. Second year students study the core methodologies, models and tools of systems analysis and design and complete a team-based project.

Third year students prepare for roles in industry by gaining a conceptual understanding and practical experience in a number of core topics relating to the use, development, management and impact of IS. Students also undertake a year-long, team-based development project for a “real world” client. All three years develop industry readiness in professional skills through their projects.

Building a strong major combination for Information Systems

Information Systems is a strong major combination with Finance, Marketing, Computer Science, Management, Economics, Law, Psychology and many others.