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Are your idols just as likely to be entrepreneurs and business people as pop stars or athletes? Would you say that you’re analytical, and good at problem solving and planning? Are you good with figures, and have you always been savvy with your money? Then studying finance may be perfect for you.

Finance is the engine of, and central to, all economies and stock markets, and some of the many topics you will study include investments, equity and debt, assets and liabilities, credit, mergers and acquisitions, dividend policy, initial public offerings (IPOs), financial regulations and decision-making.

Would you make a good Finance professional?

If you see several of the following interests, qualities and talents in yourself, you might consider studying finance:

  • An interest in the ‘business of business’
  • Good analytical skills, and the ability to see the big picture
  • Excellent mathematics skills
  • Good planning and organizational abilities
  • Strong personal and people skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Attention to detail
High Level Curriculum

The finance programme is divided into two compulsory courses that are run in parallel to one another from 2nd year until Masters. These are corporate finance (which analyses the decisions of raising money from a company perspective) and investments (focusing on investing in the equity and debt of companies).

Building a strong major combination for Finance

Finance is a strong major combination with Economics, Insurance and Risk Management, Information Systems, Management, and Law.