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Undergraduate study at Wits

If you are bright and hard working and want to get ahead in life, then Wits could be the right university for you. Known for its academic excellence and research strength, Wits offers degrees in the Arts, Humanities, Commerce, Law, Health Sciences and Sciences.


Your step by step guide to applying to Wits

STEP 1: Choose a degree 
  • Browse our academic programmes section to see what degrees we offer, or make use of our course finder - type in what you would like to study and hit enter, or download the Undergraduate Guide for Applicants.

TIP: Some degrees such the BA, BSc and BEd give you the opportunity to plan your own curriculum based on your interests and career goals. Start thinking about your subject choices now. 


If you haven't yet decided on a course of study or your future career, try our interactive career planner, or consider making an appointment with Wits' Counselling and Careers Development Unit(CCDU). The Unit offers programmes designed for grade 11 and 12 students, tertiary students, and even adults wanting to make mid-career changes.

STEP 2: Entry requirements 
  • Do you meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree? Entry requirements are the minimum academic standards that Wits requires in order to consider you for entry into one of our degree programmes. Some faculties also require applicants to attend an interview or write a selection test.
  • Meeting the requirements does not guarantee a place. Competition for most of our degrees is high and demand for places generally exceeds the number of places available. Final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable. 
  • Requirements are listed according to the school-leaving category, such as the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or, for international students, foreign school-leaving qualifications.
STEP 3: Fees and Funding 
  • Our fees section provides a list of the average tuition fees for the first year of study according to degree. For more detailed information you may complete a fee quotation request form.
  • Wits rewards academic and sporting excellence, so if you are a top achiever you may be eligible for a merit scholarship or sports bursary
  • Applications for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) are not handled by the University. Please click here to access the NSFAS website and apply direct.
STEP 4: Submitting your application

Everything you need to know about applying to Wits.

  • To get the nitty gritty on submitting your application, details on when to apply, required documentation and to access additional forms, please read the Apply to Wits section.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply online.
  • At any time you can check the status of your application