Development and Leadership Unit
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The Development and Leadership Unit (DLU)

Our vision is to develop high and positive impact world leaders for a better society by creating a vibrant student life experience.

We aim to create an environment that is enabling, empowering and one that allows the space for constructive debate, critical enquiry, civic engagement and challenging the status quo for the benefit of the students and society at large.

There are a variety of learning platforms DLU develops students through such as; 

  • Leadership Camps, Roundtables, Training and Development
  • Journeys of Discovery
  • Outdoor Experiential Related Learning

By creating a unique out-of-classroom environment, we're able to maximise the opportunities for student personal growth and intense self-discovery through exciting and challenging co-curricular activities and student leadership training. 

 We focus on:

  • Leadership Development and Experiential Programmes 
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Programme 
  • Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • Diversity Programmes and Initiatives 



Just Lead 2019 Call for  Applications





For further information on how to register for these exciting development and leadership programmes as well as to find out more contact us.

DLU offices are situated on the first floor of the Student Union Building (Matrix).
Tel: (011) 717 9234