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Disability Rights Unit (DRU)

As a University we are committed to working towards the goal of creating an accessible and welcoming environment for all students with disabilities. The University endeavours to make the learning environment a rich and rewarding one and continually strives to improve all aspects of accessibility – physically, technologically and socially.

Blind student with guide dog on the Great Hall steps

 The Disability Rights Unit (DRU) is able to assist students with the following disabilities:

  • Visual
  • Physical
  • Hearing
  • Learning
  • Psychological
  • Speech
  • Chronic illnesses & painful conditions
  • Seizure disorders
  • Students with temporary disabilities (e.g. broken limbs) may request services for the period during which they are disabled.

 DRU serves students who meet the following criteria:

  • Those who have documented physical, medical, learning and/or psychological conditions;
  • In cases where professionals have verified that the person needs individualised services to overcome severe disadvantages.