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The Wits Writing Centre

The Wits Writing Centre (WWC) is a free and confidential service open to any Wits student of staff member who wants to work on their writing. We welcome anyone who would like to write better.

Any draft can be brought to the WWC, including essays, plans, drafts, practice exam answers and creative, non-academic writing. Some of our most successful consultations are with students who are already good writers, but who nevertheless realize the value of an attentive reader. All of us struggle with our writing sometimes.

WWC consultants will not edit or write for you. They will help you to decide what you want to say, in your own words, to successfully reach your particular readers. Sometimes this means working with you to learn the conventions of your discipline. In all cases WWC consultants will endeavour to help you develop, focus, and frame your thinking so as to achieve your intentions.

Currently our services are entirely online and the consultation process operates through emailed letters and annotated drafts. Last year we found significant advantages to this letter writing method, because we are forced to put our ideas, and our thoughts about our thinking, into written form in correspondence with another. Sometimes, without thinking too hard, clients began to sort out their problems and ideas themselves as they wrote to the consultant or responded to their queries.

If you would like to try a consultation, fill in the WWC cover letter, see below, which includes a brief description of your writing concerns, and send the completed cover letter with your draft to writingresponse.WWC@wits.ac.za. Your cover letter and draft will then be sent to a writing consultant who should respond to you within three working days.