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Examinations The Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO) is the central point for providing a service and communication on examinations and graduations to students, Faculties and to the Wits community. Contact Us
Examinations The Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO) is the central point for providing a service and communication on examinations and graduations to students, Faculties and to the Wits community. Contact Us
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Examinations / Assessments

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well in the upcoming assessments which will commence on Friday, 31 May until Friday, 28 June 2024. We would also like to share some pertinent information with you to ensure that the assessment process progresses as efficiently as possible.

Assessment Timetables and Venues

The final-year assessment period will include both remote and in-person/sit-down assessments. Please consult the final-year assessment timetable to establish which form your assessment/s will take. If you have any queries regarding the timetable, please consult your course coordinator. The final-year assessment timetable is available here:

Should you be writing an in-person/sit-down exam, please review the maps of our campuses and familiarise yourself with the environment, so that you can reach your exam venues timeously:

It is essential that you determine in advance in which venue you are scheduled to write. Misreading the examination timetable will not be condoned. 

Procedures within Assessment Venues

The following procedures must be strictly followed for all in-person/sit-down assessments: 

  1. You will be invited to enter the assessment venue thirty minutes before the commencement of the assessment (20 minutes before for small venues). 
  2. You will not be permitted to leave the venue during the last thirty (30) minutes of the examination. 
  3. YOU MUST CARRY YOUR STUDENT CARD WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, as the Chief Invigilators will scan your student card for access to the venue. If you have lost your card, report it to Campus Protections Services immediately and obtain a new card. 
  4. All stationery must be placed in a transparent plastic bag. Please place all other essential items, such as your keys and cell phone (switched off) in a separate transparent bag which will be stored at your feet while writing the examination. 
  5. You are discouraged from bringing other bags into the examination venue. However, if needed, bag tagging will be done by Campus Protections Services (CPS) and will start fifty (50) minutes prior to the start of your exam.
  6. Please do not leave any personal belongings behind in the examination venue. These items will be disposed of or destroyed for hygiene purposes.
  7. The use of a cellular telephone, smartwatch, or any electronic device during an assessment will not be permitted.
  8. Should any disruption occur during the examination (inside or outside the venue), please remain calm and wait for instruction from the Chief Invigilator. 
Online Assessments

For all online assessments, students need to ensure that they have sufficient data available when taking a remote assessment. Students who experience connectivity issues/ technical challenges during the period in which they need to complete a remote assessment need to report them to the course coordinator and the lecturer within 6 hours, using the information provided by the lecturer/ course coordinator. 

Also, ensure as much information as possible has been collected about the technical problem and email it to or ideally, take a screenshot of the error and attach it to the email. 

Extra Time

Extra time is a privilege extended to a student whose proven disability prevents him or her from writing an examination in the time normally allotted. Students must apply for extra time with Campus Health and Wellness Centre who will do an assessment and copy to the relevant faculty. The faculty will then copy the Exams and Grad Office on a letter sent to the student based on the recommendation from the Campus Health and Wellness Centre.

Further information is available from Faculty Offices, the Disability Rights Unit, or the Examination and Graduations Office. 

Deferred Assessments

Students who for good reason are unable to write an assessment (and where faculties allow for such deferred assessments), must follow the University’s usual procedures to apply for deferred assessments via the student self-service portal. Please consult your course coordinator in this regard. 


Assistance is at hand

If you feel at any time that you are not coping with your exams/assessments, please seek help. Consult with your lecturers, tutors, and the Wits counseling staff. 


Please direct any queries pertaining to the assessment process to the Examinations and Graduation Office(EGO) via or call (011) 717-1272.