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Exam Timetables

In the revised 2020 almanac, the period 10 June 2020 to 1 July 2020 has been identified as a summative assessment period, which requires some form of assessment to take place in all faculties. Each Faculty has determined the modes of assessments for this period.

During this period, no formal face-to-face, in person or sit-down assessments will take place. Assessments will take the form of a project and/or take-home assessment and/or an open book assessment and/or a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) and/or any other form of remote assessment, as determined by faculties.

Should a course not be listed on the summative assessment schedule, please contact your course coordinator for more information.


Assessments by Faculty

Commerce, Law and Management

Assessments will take various forms, including take-home assessments, MCQs, other examination equivalents and/or short answer tests, administered online through SAKAI. Each course coordinator will communicate the format(s) of their assessment to students. Except where otherwise arranged by a department, all assessment due dates and dates of online administration will be defined as per the EGO summative assessment schedule.

Engineering and the Built Environment

There are a range of assessments which include take-home, online and alternative assessments like projects. Formal examinations have been postponed to the end of the academic year. However, in the case of some full-year courses, the mid-year and final assessments will be consolidated into a single examination which will take place at the end of the course.

Health Sciences

Assessments have been scheduled for this period only for courses which terminate in June. Formal sit-down examinations will be replaced by continuous online assessments, quizzes and take-home assignments. Significant assessments are being deferred to the second half of the year. The weightings of assessments have also been reviewed in line with the Faculty’s recommendations. An examination and assessment schedule for the Faculty of Health Sciences is available here:

Health Sciences General:

In keeping with the University recommendations, no high stakes assessments have been scheduled for the June examination period, except for courses which terminate in June (such as APES1000 and PSCY1007, PSYC1008 and PSYC2009). 

Any queries relating to undergraduate assessments or examinations, please contact Mrs Henda van der Walt (

Specific Schools within the Faculty: 

  • School of Anatomical Sciences - the School has three courses that are taught between Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health Sciences (ANAT2021, ANAT3002, ANAT 3011). We are not planning any mid-year exams for these courses, and formal sit-down exams will be replaced by continuous low stakes online assessments, take home assignments etc.  High stakes sit-down assessments are being deferred until the second half of the year. The weightings of assessments have been reviewed in line with Faculty of Health Sciences recommendations. For further enquiries, please contact Dr D Brits at
  • School of Physiology - On line tests have been scheduled as per the published examination timetable and any details relating to a specific course should be directed to the coordinator responsible. 
  • School of Therapeutic Sciences - The School has gone online for both its teaching and related assessment where appropriate in line with the University and faculty strategic imperative.  All departments in the school are offering a range of formative and continuous assessments. Alternative assessment modes including online tests, quizzes, MCQs, assignments, take-home assessments, open-book assessments have been used. In the main, the school has kept the weighting of summative and formative assessments the same. Where adjustments have been made they are in line with faculty regulations. All programmes have communicated with students  through the specific UG  and course coordinators. High stakes assessments and all practical and clinical assessments are being deferred until the second half of the year.  Should you have any queries contact the following HODs for the programmes in the school namely: 
    • Bachelor of Nursing(B Nurs) MFA07 - Associate Professor Shelley Schmollgruber
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm) MFA04- Professor Yahya Choonara
    • Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy (BSc Occupational Therapy) MFA03 - Dr Fasloen Adam
    • Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy (BSc Physiothera py) MFA02 - Associate Professor Veronica Ntsiea
    • Pharmacology courses- (Phar4003A,3002A) - Professor Robyn Van Zyl
    • Sports and Exercise Science – Professor Demitri Constantinou 
  • School of Clinical Medicine 
    • MBBCH - All information relating to mid-year assessments has been made available on SAKAI and the June Examination timetable. Any queries relating to MBBCh I and II, please contact Dr Carol Hartmann ( or For queries relating to MBBCh III (GEMP I) and MBBCH IV (GEMP II), please contact Dr Dina-Ruth Lulua ( For queries relating to MBBCh V (GEMP III) and MBBCH VI (GEMP IV), please contact Dr Loredano Bocchino (
    • BCMP - All information has been shared with students registered for this degree, but for specific queries, please contact Mr Scott Smalley (
  • School of Public Health  - For queries relating to Public Health II and III please contact Mr Themba Sigudu ( 
  • School of Oral Health Sciences - Assessment information has been shared with all students registered for the degrees of Bachelor of Oral Health Sciences and the Bachelor of Dental Science. For specific queries relating to BDS, please contact Professor Joy Shackleton ( and for BOHSc please contact Tshakane Ralephenye (  
  • School of Pathology - For queries relating to HAEM3002A, Molecular Medicine III, please contact Mr Kuban Naidoo ( 

Bachelor of Health Sciences 

Any general queries relating to examinations and assessments should be directed to the Programme coordinator, Ms Nabeelah Bemath (

For queries relating specifically to Health Systems Sciences: 

  • Health Systems Sciences I or II - Stephen Pentz (
  • Health Systems Sciences III -  Kyrtania Pather (

Various forms of assessments will take place that will include take-home assessments and/or examination equivalents such as open book, project, portfolio and/or essay type assessments. Formally timed assessments will be held as per the summative assessment schedule.


No formal assessments will take place from 10 June 2020 to 24 June 2020. This period will be used for consolidation, revision and continuous assessments. Schools will manage this process and the scheduling of the continuous assessments and tests will take place internally. 


No deferred assessments will be scheduled by the EGO during this period. If you are unable to participate in an assessment or session for a valid reason (such as illness) as defined in the University’s General Rules, please advise your course coordinator immediately and follow the processes for deferred assessments as stipulated by your Faculty.