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Applying for Extra Time and Other Concessions

Applications for extra time and other concessions for tests and exams are facilitated through the Disability Rights Unit (DRU) and Campus Health and Wellness Centre (CHWC), where only students with documented disabilities are eligible to apply, with final approval done by the Faculty.

All first-time applicants must comply with the University's policies and procedures on extra time and concessions and be assessed by the University's extra time and concessions team, regardless of any previously granted extra time. Once extra time and concessions have been granted by the Faculty, a student will receive a Faculty letter indicating any approved extra time and concessions.

Returning Wits students with previously faculty-approved extra time and concessions indicating "rest of university career" must register with DRU every year to acquire a renewal extra time and concessions letter for the current year of study (proof of the original faculty approval letter is required).

The closing date for extra time applications is the end of April for Semester 1 and the end of August for Semester 2, unless in the case of unforeseen temporary or permanent disabilities.

For more information about the application process, please visit the DRU's website:

For any queries regarding extra time and concessions, please contact Mr Duncan Yates at:

Please note: To write exams at the EGO extra time venue, a student is required to complete a form at the Examinations and Graduation Office (EGO) once the Faculty has approved their application for extra time and other concessions. The student must present the faculty letter indicating the approved extra time and concessions when filling out the EGO extra-time form.

Complete the EGO Extra-time form here: