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Student Responsibility

Admission to the University

  • All applicants, regardless of disability, must meet the entry requirements for their chosen field of study. 
  • All applications are handled by the Student Enrolment Centre (SEnC). The University‚Äôs s application form contains a disability section which must be completed by intending students with disabilities. 
  • Please note: It is very important to complete this section indicating a disability as, without it, the Disability Rights Unit will not be able to provide the necessary assistance.
  • The Student Enrolment Centre, in consultation with the Disability Rights Unit, strives to ensure that no applicant is denied a place on the grounds of their disability. Exceptions are rare and are usually due to factors such as financial constraints or restrictions to older buildings that cannot be readily adapted.

Student responsibility

  • As a student with a disability, it is your responsibility to request the assistance of the Disability Rights Unit, and to provide any documentation of conditions that may warrant academic accommodations.

Letter of Reasonable Accommodation

  • If you have a disability-related need for academic accommodation, you will be given a "Letter of Reasonable Accommodation", addressed to your faculty/department/lecturer. This letter will describe the necessary accommodations required by you.
  • Please ensure your lecturer is given a copy of this document as he/she will be unable to assist you or accommodate your special needs without it.


  • The Disability Rights Unit is here to help you, whether your problem is one of physical access in buildings, or confusion about your course choices. If we are unable to help you directly, we will find someone who can!