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Human Resource Management

Have you always had a knack for communicating with and relating to a wide range of people? Do you have excellent problem solving skills, with the ability to ‘see both sides’? Are you a good listener who wants to ‘make a difference’ in an organisation? Then studying HRM may be a great choice for you.

Human resource managers are advocates for both the company and the people who work for it. Consequently, a good human resource manager performs a constant balancing act to meet all parties’ needs successfully.

Would you make a good HRM professional?

If you possess several of the following interests, qualities and talents, you might consider studying human resources management:

  • Excellent interpersonal, relationship building and motivational qualities (a good listener and ‘people person’)
  • Effective communication skills – verbal and written
  • Good negotiating ability with the capacity to see both sides of an argument
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Sound strategic and forward thinking skills
High Level Curriculum

Introduction to human resource management is offered at the second year level of a BCom. The concept of the organisation and the vital role of intellectual capital are explored. Other aspects include managing human resources across global and multicultural boundaries while retaining key employees in South Africa.

A labour relations component is also offered at a second year level. This course introduces the origin and history of industrial relations in South Africa and the context of labour relations, trade unions, management and government.

In third year students are exposed to theory and practice that relate to how HRM can contribute to organisational performance, with special focus on the group level of analysis. It offers a sound understanding of the theory and practice of HRM and its relationship with performance. 

Building a strong major combination for Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a strong major combination with Management, Psychology, Law, Information SystemsEconomics and Marketing.