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Internationally Leading Researchers (NRF A Rated)

Wits has close to 430 NRF Rated researchers. NRF A-rated researchers are peer acknowledged as internationally leading within their respective fields, distinguished by their exceptional research output. Wits is home to 27 A-rated researchers across our five faculties.

Join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to our esteemed A-rated researchers. These outstanding scholars stand as shining examples of excellence, consistently producing research of the highest quality. We celebrate their dedication, innovation, and commitment to advancing knowledge and making significant impacts for the good of society.


  • Lewis Ashwal - Earth and Marine Sciences
  • Andrew Forbes - Physical Sciences
  • Christopher Henshilwood - Earth and marine Sciences; Humanities
  • Jean Lubuma - Mathematical Sciences
  • Florian Luca - Mathematical Sciences
  • Norman Owen-Smith - Biological Sciences
  • Kenneth Ozoemena - Chemical Sciences; Technologies and Applied Sciences
  • Bruce Rubidge - Earth and Marine Sciences; Biological Sciences
  • Roger Sheldon - Biological Sciences; Chemical Sciences
  • Lyn Wadley - Earth and Marine Sciences
  • Yevhen Zelenyuk - Mathematical sciences
Health Sciences
  • Maureen Coetzee - Biological Sciences; Health Sciences
  • Glenda Gray - Medical sciences: Clinical; Health Sciences
  • Rachel Jewkes - Health Sciences
  • Shabir Madhi - Medical Sciences: Basic; Medical Sciences: Clinical
  • Lenore Manderson - Social Sciences; Health Sciences
  • Lynn Morris - Biological Sciences; Medical Sciences: Basic
  • Frederick Raal - Health Sciences
  • Jill Adler - Social Sciences
  • Lucy Allais - Humanities
  • Lawrence Hamilton - Humanities; Social Sciences
  • Victor Houliston - Arts
  • Hilary Janks - Humanities; Social Sciences
  • Archille Mbembe - Humanities
  • Linda Richter - Social Sciences
  • David Limebeer - Engineering Sciences; Mathematical Sciences
  • Beric Skews - Engineering sciences; Physical Sciences

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