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Shape a Nation: Contribute to Wits' Bursaries and Scholarships Campaign

Some of the brightest intellects in this country, and the world, had their start at Wits. Health sciences graduates who are working tirelessly to fight the pandemic, judges who are shaping the country’s future, and some of the the sharpest business minds who are keeping the economy turning despite several challenges.

Many of these future leaders are currently enrolled at Wits. But, for some, that future hangs in the balance.

More than 27 000 students Wits students are fortunate to receive funding for a portion of their fees and other expenses from a broad base of external funders through merit awards, corporate and organisational scholarships and bursaries, and donor support for deserving students in financial need. However, the sizeable number of academically achieving students in financial need continues to grow and this has been compounded over the past year by the social and economic fallout from the pandemic and the associated economic downturn. Only a portion of these students are supported by the National Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and the rest desperately require some form of external financial assistance to continue with their studies.

The university has made many concessions in recent years to accommodate these students in financial need, but Wits does not have the financial capacity to continue funding students who do not qualify for NSFAS and compounding student debt challenges the university’s sustainability. No university has the resources to provide free education for all. Public universities across South Africa experience protests at the beginning of each year due to lack of funding for registration, tuition, accommodation, and food for these students.

How you can help

Donations to Wits’ Bursaries and Scholarships Campaign can make an incredible difference in many students’ lives.

These funds are used to:

  • Pay registration fees for students who cannot register due to outstanding fees from the previous year, or those who are financially disadvantaged and cannot afford registration.
  • Provide emergency accommodation to students who await confirmation of accommodation at the beginning of the year. Those who don’t receive it, often sleep in unsafe areas.
  • Create food security for around 1800 students who rely on the Wits Food Bank.
  • Pay off debt for graduates who have completed their studies but cannot graduate due to outstanding fees.

Your contribution could shape future leaders and change lives for good.

Should you wish to donate to the campaign, contribute a sponsorship, or discuss the advantages for your B-BBEE scorecard, please contact 

Watch the Dean of Student Affairs unpack the support areas: