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Driving Digital Transformation

We seek to develop new inter-, trans- and multidisciplinary technologies in education, science, engineering, digital arts and game design, media innovation and digital journalism, among other endeavours.

Ensuring Better Health for all

We understand the interconnections between infectious and communicable diseases, bioinformatics and molecular biosciences, and the future of precision medicine and genetics. This places us in good stead to lead health innovation in the country.

Solving Global Challenges and Crises

By exploring new ideas across a range of disciplines, we aim to address future challenges at the intersection of sustainable development and digital innovation. Our ambition is to understand how these new developments will impact people’s lives.

Advancing Society, Governance and Justice

Researchers at the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies, the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies, and the African Centre for Migration and Society seek to find ways to create a more equal society.

Future Proofing our National Treasures

We are seeking support for the funding of the Wits Central Archive, which includes the Historical Papers Research Archive, one of the largest and most comprehensive independent archives in southern Africa.

Catalysing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wits is establishing an ecosystem to drive research-led innovation that will solve some of Africa’s greatest challenges in sectors such as health, urbanisation, education, environmental protection and food security.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Talented postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows are vital to the creation of the new generation of scientific professionals that will allow us to remain competitive.

Energising Alumni Support

Harnessing the support of our alumni will play a critical role in ensuring the financial sustainability of the University by contributing to a broadening of the University’s donor base.