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Developing the next generation of leaders

The future of our country and our continent depends on our ability to continue to nurture the next generation of leaders. We will enable the best and the brightest to access our institution so that they can continue Wits’ tradition of making an impact on our world. 

Centenary projects:

1. Scholarships and Endowments

Donors can support scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students or longer term endowments that contribute significantly to Wits’ sustainability. Endowments that recognise and perpetuate the name of the donor can be set up for donations of R1.5-million or more.

2. Crafting female academic leaders

Established by the Chancellor of Wits, Dr Judy Dlamini, the Female Academic Leadership Fellowship Programme is driving the representation of female African and women of colour in academic leadership and management positions within the academic sector.

3. An enabling environment

The University experience offers much more than the formal learning that takes place in lecture halls. Comfortable, modern, well-resourced student learning spaces for independent study and collaboration create the environment that facilitates opportunities for the development of skills required for success in the 21st Century. We also seek to increase the availability of sophisticated technologies to encourage and facilitate innovative, problem-solving research. These spaces and facilities can be named in honour of donors.

4. Basic support for students

As first generation university students, many of our students require additional support for basic necessities such as food, housing, computers and data to ensure their success. Covid-19 has exacerbated these needs and the University has set up a dedicated Hardship Fund to provide for emergencies.