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Every donation counts!

There are many ways in which you can make a gift to us. If you have any questions, and regardless of the size of the gift you have in mind, we are here to help. Please contact us.

For alumni, the Wits Annual Fund in Support of Wits 100 is a discretionary endowment fund, which continues to grow over time, with the interest earned used by Wits where it is most needed. This fund is the primary means by which alumni, staff and friends can give tax-deductible donations to the University. Every donation counts. To illustrate this: if 10 000 alumni each donated R100 per month, this would equate to R12 million per year for the fund!

Leave a Legacy - Leaving a bequest to Wits.

Several alumni and donors have established Trusts, Endowment Funds and Bequests, large and small, that have helped to shape the University.

Current students can also give to Wits, such as through the SRC Humanitarian fund, providing emergency financial aid for indigent students, including their fees, accommodation and meals.

Parents of Wits students and Wits staff members contribute to our University by creating bursaries and scholarships, supporting research initiatives, or projects that improve our campus.

Corporates, philanthropic foundations, SETAs, and public partnerships: The impact of donations and support from these sectors is invaluable.