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SAJIC Issue 9, 2008

This ninth issue of The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC) provides items on institutional design, mobile access and usage, mobile instant messaging, higher education computer networks, regulatory benchmarking, and communications governance.


The Role of Institutional Design in the Conduct of Infrastructure Industry Reforms – An Illustration through Telecommunications in Developing Countries - Farid Gasmi, Paul Noumba and Laura Recuero Virto

Mobile Telephony Access and Usage in Africa - Augustin Chabossou, Christoph Stork, Matthias Stork and Pam Zahonogo

MXit It Up in The Media: Media Discourse Analysis on a Mobile Instant Messaging System - Agnes Chigona and Wallace Chigona

Charging for Computer Networks at Higher Educational Institutions in Developing Countries - F.O. Kumolalo, E.A. Olajubu and G.A. Aderounmu

African National Regulatory Authority Benchmarking - Monica Kerretts-Makau


Governing European Communications: From Unification to Coordination, by Maria Michalis, 2007 - Lucky Madikiza