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SAJIC Issue 7, 2006

This seventh issue of The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC) is a Thematic Issue on Intellectual Property Rights and Creating an African Digital Information Commons.


Africa and the Digital Information Commons: An Overview - Chris Armstrong and Heather Ford

Forever Minus a Day: A Consideration of Copyright Term Extension in South Africa - Andrew Rens and Lawrence Lessig

The 'Fair Use' Doctrine and the Implications of Digitising for the Doctrine from a South African Perspective - Tobias Schonwetter

Technological Protection Measures: South Africa Goes Overboard. Overbroad. - Coenraad Visser

The Future of the First Sale Doctrine with the Advent of Licences to Govern Access to Digital Content - Charles A Masango

Implications of the NonCommercial (NC) Restriction for Educational Content Licensed under a Creative Commons (cc) Licence - Derek Keats

Model Language for Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright Concerning Access to Learning Materials in South Africa - William Baude, Julien Hofman, Eddan Katz, Katherine McDaniel, Andrew Rens and Chris Riley


Reconsidering the Pirate Nation - Lawrence Liang and Achal Prabhala


At the Crossroads: ICT Policymaking in East Africa, edited by Florence E. Etta & Laurent Elder, 2005 - Victor van Reijswoud