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SAJIC Issue 3, 2002

This third issue of The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC) highlights a range of topical and developmental issues including human capital, e-commerce, telecommunications reform, and ICT for development.


The Triumph and Tragedy of Human Capital: Foundation Resource for Building Network Knowledge Economies - William H. Melody

The Status of B2B e-Commerce in the South African Manufacturing Sector: Evolutionary or Revolutionary? - Sagren Moodley

Telecom Reform and Poverty Alleviation in Kenya - Sean Kane

Evolution of Telecommunications Policy Reforms in East Africa: Setting New Policy Strategies to Anchor Benefits of Policy Reforms - Muriuki Mureithi

Technical and Policy Advances in Rural Telecommunications - R. Westerveld and C.F. Maitland

Understanding the International ICT and Development Discourse: Assumptions and Implications - Merridy Wilson

The Next Step for Telecom Regulation: ICT Convergence Regulation or Multisector Utilities Regulation? - Anders Henten, Rohan Samarajiva and William Melody


Networking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions and Intervention, edited by Robin Mansell, Rohan Samarajiva and Amy Mahan, 2002 - William Currie