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SAJIC Issue 8, 2007

This eighth issue of The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication (SAJIC) is a Thematic Issue on Broadband Development in South Africa and Belgium.


Editors' Note - Alison Gillwald and Leo Van Audenhove


European Policy Trends Towards Flexible Spectrum Management - Simon Delaere

Why Broadband? The Meaning of Broadband for Residential Users - Wendy van den Broeck and Bram Lievens

Between Two Stools: Broadband Policy in South Africa - Alison Gillwald

Shackling Sector Development: Leased Lines in the Republic of South Africa - Ewan Sutherland

Government Policy and Wireless City Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Motivations, Goals, Services and Their Relation to Network Structure - Leo van Audenhove, Pieter Ballon, Martijn Poel and Tomas Staelens

Municipal Broadband: The 'Next Generation' and the 'Last Mile' - Lucienne Abrahams, Brian Bakker and Mohamed Bhyat

Analysing Sector Specificity Regarding ICT and Broadband Usage by SMME Businesses - Jo Pierson, Dorien Baelden, Bram Lievens and Christine Masigny

e-Tourism: A Survey of e-Business among South African Tour Operators - Pascal Verhoest, Tina James, Mario Marais and Leo van Audenhove

How Global is the Global Internet? First Steps Towards a Policy-Economic Analysis - Luciano Morganti


South Africa's Policy Incoherence: An Update on the Knysna Wi-Fi Project - Steve Esselaar and Pieter Soete


Race Against Time, by Stephen Lewis, 2005 - Heloise Emdon and Chris Seebregts