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Colloquium: Teaching AI Ethics

Led by: Prof. Bettina Berendt, KU Leuven, Belgium
Date: Wed. 10 August 2022
Time: 11h00
Convened by: Stellenbosch University School for Data Science and Computational Thinking with Praelexis.

Prof Berendt bio
Bettina Berendt is a Professor in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Data Mining group in the Department of Computer Science, KU Leuven, Belgium: 

Virtual attendance: via Zoom
Venue (limited in-person spaces available): Praelexis, 7 Neutron Ave, TechnoPark, Stellenbosch

Attendance notes
In-person: Prof. Berendt is presenting from Belgium. However, Stellenbosch University School for Data Science and Computational Thinking has organised a venue at Praelexis where attendees can watch and engage with the presentation together. There are limited places available for in-person attendance. If you wish to attend in-person, please register using the Zoom link above before 8 August AND send an email to  indicating that you have registered and wish to attend in-person. You will then receive confirmation of your in-person attendance.
Virtual: If you wish to attend virtually, you only need to register using the Zoom link above. 

Colloquium abstract
I would like to talk about concepts and experiences for teaching ethics to computer-science students. After four runs of the course "Ethics, data science, and networked AI", I am beginning to see a complex network of approaches and challenges here. I think this is relevant also beyond a university context, because, after allthese are the engineers we send out into the world. I would be extremely grateful for an exchange also with company/consultant experiences (i.e., you!) about your experiences with your engineers, consultants, and clients, i.e., the view of AI ethics and related fields that shows itself to you, as well as your expectations / wishes / recommendations for us teaching folks. The current iteration of the course is here: