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LINK-MICTSETA Research Chair

The LINK-MICTSETA Research Chair, funded by South Africa's Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICTSETA), is supporting five postgraduate research students studying in LINK's two Wits University degree programmes:

  • ICT Policy and Regulation
  • Interdisciplinary Digital Knowledge Economy Studies

The topics currently included in the Chair programme are:
1. Developing digital pedagogy skills of educators for the integration of tablet educational applications
2. Rethinking identity, privacy and citizenship in public service digitalisation in South Africa
3. Investigating cultural knowledge systems, Mandhwane and mind mobilisation for rural communities in the digital era
4. Digital transformation for social development: A study on primary health e-services
5. Distributed ledger technologies with artificial intelligence for anchoring smart systems and skills in state procurement

LINK gratefully acknowledges this valued contribution by the MICTSETA to the students' research endeavours, to the work of the LINK Centre, and to Wits University.