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Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africa

This is the latest publication authored by African media law expert and LINK Centre Adjunct Professor Justine Limpitlaw. The two volumes of Media Law Handbook for Eastern Africapublished in December 2016 by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), are available for free download on the KAS website, via the following links:

Volume 1 provides the introductory chapters and covers Burundi, Eritrea and Ethiopia:

Chapter 1: The Critical Role of the Media and Press Freedoms in Society

Chapter 2: The Hallmarks of a Democratic Media Environment

Chapter 3: Media Law - Protections and Pitfalls for the Media

Chapter 4: Burundi

Chapter 4: Le Burundi

Chapter 5: Eritrea

Chapter 6: Ethiopia

Volume 2 covers Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda:

Chapter 7: Kenya

Chapter 8: Rwanda

Chapter 9: Uganda

Chapter 10: Media Law in the Region: Where to from Here?