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African Digital Diplomacy Master Class

The Wits LINK Centre's African Digital Diplomacy Master Class provides critically important knowledge on digital diplomacy matters, in an interactive online format. The master class includes lectures, problem analysis sessions and a reading guide, with no assessments.

This 5-day Master Class will be offered in the first quarter of 2023.

  • Dates: To be announced
  • Time: 15h00-17h30 
  • Fee: ZAR10,000 + VAT per participant
  • Delivery mode: hybrid (choice of virtual or in-person attendance)

Governments everywhere are faced with an increasing number of challenges, with citizens demanding security and prosperity even amidst a depressed global economy and a growing list of emerging issues hampering government performance. The nature of conflict is also changing with real and potential conflicts (both traditional and emerging) increasing, due to diverging interests among major powers, increasing instability, and the spread of lethal, disruptive technologies—including increasingly sophisticated cyber weapons, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic systems that have the ability to target a country’s critical infrastructure. Technology increasingly impacts sovereign nations’ decisions and expands the range of players who can influence political action, with corporations and empowered individuals exerting greater influence. Simultaneously, tech giants have exploded in value over the last few years and this market capital is actively turning into political capital with tech companies pushing back against proposed legislation. As a consequence, emerging technologies have increasingly become the focus of national governments and global institutions.

In this context “digital diplomacy” then refers to the negotiations about digital policy issues that take place within nation states and in multiple global institutions and forums. It addresses the changes in the political, social, and economic environment in which diplomacy is conducted. It exists at the intersection of emerging technologies and diplomacy. And it will become increasingly important in a world where more and more economic, social and political activity revolves around issues of technology.

Administrator: Nokhanyo Yolwa, LINK Centre,, tel: +27-71-939-8867
Convenor: Dr. Kiru Pillay,, cc:

To apply for registration in this course, go to