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Our Research

Our research changes the way we do business and how we practice law and economics. It influences the public policy that builds the public sector and it grapples with the economic and social challenges facing our country. It also enables us to transfer new knowledge to our curricula and ensures our students are at the leading edge of their professions.

Research objective

A key objective of the Faculty of Commerce Law and Management (CLM) is to strengthen the research culture amongst its schools and to improve the research performance of its academic staff. 

The Faculty Research Committee encourages individual research excellence and promotes collaborative research by providing academic staff and schools with a range of research incentives supported by professional research management practices.

The Faculty has a Research Office that is mandated to provide specialist support to research since it is the core activity of CLM and the University. The office develops new research capacity in addition to nourishing existing excellence as part of its implementation of the CLM Research Strategy.

The Faculty Research Committee provides opportunities and support to academic staff to:

  • attend and participate in international and local conferences,
  • undertake small research projects,
  • apply for a professional rating by the prestigious National Research Foundation (NRF),
  • be inducted into research as part of the responsibilities of every CLM academic
  • and receive mentorship opportunities that are needed to develop research capacity and confidence.

The Research Office also manages research publications data as well as the research incentive accounts of Schools and individual research-active academics. To promote research output and encourage inter-faculty dialogue amongst academic members, the FRC helps to convene seminars and colloquia.

Research in CLM Schools
For further research-related matters:
Assistant Dean: Research and Chair of the FRC
Prof. Volker Schoer

Tel: 011 717 8107

Senior Faculty Research Officer: CLM Faculty Research Office 
Mr. Selelo Matimolane

Tel: 011 717 8015

Faculty Research Committee Member for School of Law:
Mr. Sanele Sibanda

Tel: 011 717 8485

Faculty Research Committee Member for the Wits Business School: 
Prof. Eric Schaling

Tel: 011 717 3660

Faculty Research Committee Member for the School of Economics and Finance: 
Prof. Volker Schoer

Tel: 011 717 8107

Faculty Research Committee Member for the School of Accountancy: 
Mr. Wayne Van Zijl 

Tel: 011 717 8227

Faculty Research Committee Member for the School of Governance: 
Prof. Pundy Pillay

Tel: 011 717 3808

Faculty Research Committee Member for the School of Business Sciences:
Prof. Chris Callaghan

Tel: 011 717 8066

Faculty Research Committee Member - Lecturer Representative for School of Business Sciences
Dr. Suvera Boodhoo

Tel: 011 717 8258