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The following research entities are housed in the School:

Strategic Foresight Research Group (SFRG)

This School of Economic and Business Sciences and School of Accountancy research group includes international members (currently from Germany and New Zealand) and combines the expertise of accountants and management scientists in research projects that have a generalised strategic focus.

The group involves itself in researching topics that are of national and international strategic importance such as: risk and crisis management, education, tax and accounting systems, social responsibility and business sustainability.

The SFRG has presented papers at the Southern African Institute for Management Scientists and the British Academy of Management. Recent publications have appeared in The African Journal of Business Management, The Journal of Business Ethics and Critical Perspectives in Accounting.

Knowledge and Information Economics/Human Resources Research Agency

Director: Prof Chris Callaghan. The Knowledge and Information Economics/Human Resources Research Agency (KIEHRA) is a research group that provides a platform for multidisciplinary research into organisational and societal problem-solving. The unit has a specific focus on tacit knowledge, learning and the ‘human’ aspects of individual, organisational and national performance. This research agency is dedicated to the societal and economic upliftment of people, in various contexts, through knowledge creation.

Information Systems Research

The Division of Information Systems is actively engaged in research into IT adoption, information systems in organisations, and IT in education. Enquiries with division head - Dr Emma Coleman.

Behavioural Laboratory

Please send enquiries to Prof Helen Duh.

Insurance Body of Knowledge Book Series
The Chair in Insurance Education at Wits University, in partnership with the Insurance Sector Education & Training Authority (INSETA) has made available the first two volumes of the Insurance Body of Knowledge Book Series for download.
The Chair is a partnership between Wits University and the INSETA. The books were authored by Professor Robert Vivian and Dr Albert Mushai in consultation and collaboration with INSETA and the insurance industry.
The books are intended for use by staff and students of colleges and universities for teaching and learning purposes.
Book 1: General Principles of Insurance Volume I: The legal system, legal principles and insurance products (ISBN 978-0-620-90656-2)
Book 2: General Principles of Insurance Volume II: State insurance funds and specialized insurance markets (ISBN 978-0-620-90657-9)
The books are available in Open Access under the Creative Commons.
For the full license, please see:
Please direct queries to