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Our research advances theoretical and practical knowledge in business sciences and shapes conversion about the development of South Africa and the entire continent. Our research enables us to transfer new knowledge to our curricula and keeps our students at the leading edge of their professions.

We research African business success and sustainability at the different enterprise levels (small, medium and large). We also study green business practices, transformative and sustainable consumption behaviours for improved consumer, environmental, and societal wellbeing. In collaboration with leading global researchers, our research delivers on three key areas; advancement of knowledge on African and global business development, entrepreneurship growth, and well-being and sustainability (i.e. consumers, the environment and general society).

Each of the four divisions boasts seasoned researchers with vast experience in multiple methodological orientations and diverse analytical skills. Our research students (Master’s and PhDs) benefit from these seasoned scholars and break new ground in their respective research fields. Our scholars are constantly monitoring emerging issues and seeking solutions to African business and societal challenges. We are active in global debates on business sciences, innovations and the circular economy. SBS research outputs are published in top-tier global and African journals. Our focus on research innovations, rigour and relevance endear us to top research talents pursuing different research programmes. 

Insurance Body of Knowledge Book Series
The Chair in Insurance Education at Wits University, in partnership with the Insurance Sector Education & Training Authority (INSETA) has made available the first two volumes of the Insurance Body of Knowledge Book Series for download.
The Chair is a partnership between Wits University and the INSETA. The books were authored by Professor Robert Vivian and Dr Albert Mushai in consultation and collaboration with INSETA and the insurance industry.
The books are intended for use by staff and students of colleges and universities for teaching and learning purposes.
Book 1: General Principles of Insurance Volume I: The legal system, legal principles and insurance products (ISBN 978-0-620-90656-2)
Book 2: General Principles of Insurance Volume II: State insurance funds and specialized insurance markets (ISBN 978-0-620-90657-9)
The books are available in Open Access under the Creative Commons.
For the full license, please see:
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