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Research in the School of Law

School of Law Gardens credit Shivan Parusnath


The School of Law is a research intensive school as staff continuously produce research outputs by way of accredited article and book publications, conference participation and other research initiatives.

The standard of research is reflected in the fact that the school has 15 NRF rated researchers:

  • Prof Cathi Albertyn (B1);
  • Prof Pamela Andanda (B3);
  • Prof Deeksha Bhana (Y2);
  • Prof Victoria Bronstein (C2);
  • Prof Lillian Chenwi (B2);
  • Prof Riette Du Plessis (C2);
  • Prof Jackie Dugard (B3);
  • Prof Tracy-Lynn Field (C1).
  • Prof Cora Hoexter (B1);
  • Prof Jonathan Klaaren (C1);
  • Prof Bonita Beyersfield (C1);
  • Prof Tumai Murombo (C2);
  • Prof Marius Pieterse (B2);
  • Prof Engela Schlemmer (B3); and
  • Prof Franziska Sucker (Y1).

The School is the home of the Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Earth Justice and Stewardship held by Prof Tracy-Lynn Field and the South African Research Chair in Equality, Law and Social Justice held by Prof Cathi Albertyn. Furthermore, the Mandela Institute, a leading research institute, and the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), a human rights organsation, which uses a combination of research, advocacy and litigation to advance social justice, are based at the Wits School of Law.