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Undergraduate courses in Digital Arts

What is Digital Arts?

What makes Digital Arts exciting is the combination of thet arts and technology sectors. It can be approached from either direction: the creative arts through the BA in Digital Arts, or the information engineering side through the BEngSc in Digital Arts.

While the degrees focus on very different things, students develop a familiarity with the intersecting elements in the fields. To this end, students in both degrees attend core courses side by side, working together in an interdisciplinery environment.

The creative arts side of Digital Art covers a variety of multi-modal approaches to contemporary art-making. It’s an interactive way of approaching storytelling, animation and games; experimental and relevant to our modern technological world.

You will challenge the traditional, question ways of thinking, and pioneer the creative in a field that is evolving and always exciting. 

BA Digital Arts (BADigA – AF011)


The BA in Digital Arts is a 4 Year Professional Degree that allows you to tailor your specialisation, and also gives you a useful, broad skillset. The combination of artistic, technical and critical skills equips you to be an innovator, practical problem-solver, as well as a critical thinker and artist.

Your first two years includes core academic and professional concepts:

Critical Arts Analysis,

Game Design,  

Storytelling and Drawing,


3D Modeling and Animation.

Once you move into the 3rd and 4th year levels of study, you continue with critical theory, and choose your specialisations from a range of professional majors:

Game Design,

Experimental Narrative,

Interactive Media,


In the senior years, you will be able to experiment with growing technologies like VR and AR, and produce large-scale creative projects. We will be sending you off with a broad portolfio with which to enter industry.


BEngSc Digital Arts (EB001)

The BEngSc in Digital Arts is a 3 Year  Degree in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering including subjects from Digital Arts. The combination of information engineering and creative production gives you a broad range of critical and technical skills. This equips you to enter the technology sector with an unique perspective: blending software development, systems thinking, and creative application.

The BEngSc Digital Arts has a set curriculum. Subjects taken in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering include Maths, Physics, Mechanics, Electric Circuits, Microprocessors, Software Development, Data Structures and Algorithms amongst others. In Digital Arts the focus is on Game Design and Interactive Media.  

After you’ve graduated, you can enter industry or continue into the professional BSc Degree in Electrical and Information Engineering. You can also opt to complete your BA Honours degree, in which you will be able to experiment with growing technologies like VR and AR, and produce large-scale creative projects.

Either choice will allow you to enter the industry with a diverse and relevant portfolio of work.

If you want to discuss these courses please contact:

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