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Kwabena_SarfoEmmanuel Sarfo-Boansi (MA in Digital Animation by coursework, 2013)

Kwabena Sarfo’s journey to becoming a professional animator started at Wits University in 2008 where he began with a BA degree in Fine Arts. 

Kwabena then enrolled in the Master of Arts in Digital Animation course-work programme in Wits Digital Arts, where he learned the craft of 3D computer animation. His research thesis into animation and performance earned a distinction.

Armed with the skills and conceptual insights he learned during his studies in Digital Arts, Kwabena joined Bugbox Animation Studio in Johannesburg. At Bugbox he lent his skills to the production of several commercials. Whilst there, Kwabena also contributed to the studio’s long-time in-house series of short films, The Adventures of Toby, as an animator, storyboard artist, and a co-director. Kwabena then decided to take the plunge and join South Africa’s preeminent animation studio, Triggerfish Animation in Cape Town, where he worked on the BBC animated Christmas Special Stick Man as both a storyboard artist and an animator.

Kwabena continues to work professionally as an animation artist in Cape Town, associated with Triggerfish as they continue to embark on more high profile projects, as well other studios in the city. He constantly strives to grow his skills and put them to the test on animated content of the highest caliber.

Andrew Smith (MA in Interactive Media by coursework, 2014)Andrew_Smith

Andrew Smith is a senior lecturer, head of department and writer at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg, where he lectures numerous audio related subjects. 

He has written two books on computer based audio production and sound design and is also a sound engineer, sound designer and composer with a wide range of music, film, and TV credits.

In 2014 Andrew completed a Master of Arts degree in Digital Arts at Wits University in Johannesburg. He received a distinction for his thesis with research focused on the fundamental intractability of audio in interactive contexts.


Pippa Tshabalala

Pippa Tshabalala obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Wits, going on to do her Masters in Fine Arts (Digital Animation) in the Digital Art division at WSOA and obtainPippa_Tshabalalaing her degree in 2005. She was the 3D Animation lecturer in the Wits Digital Art division from 2007-2009. Between 2008-2012 she presented The Verge, South Africa’s first locally produced show about video games, on Vuzu on DStv.

She has worked full-time in the television industry since 2010, moving from producing content for The Verge and a variety of other shows, to the role of On Air Producer at Viacom International Media Networks, working first at MTV Base and MTV and then moving to Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Pippa is currently the On Air Producer for Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Nicktoons, producing and managing the production of promos for all three channels. She regularly MCs events, does voice over for TV and speaks at conferences.

She has also written for a variety of publications and websites such as NAG Magazine, Techsmart and Gearburn as well as running her own online magazine, Spliced, of which she was the Editor between 2013-2015.

Amanda Goosen (Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Animation in 2005)

Amanda matriculated from the National School of the Arts, and earned her BA in Graphic Design from Design Centre. But her postgraduate study in Digital Arts enabled her to really develop her passion for animation and become a professional.Amanda_Goosen

After graduating from Wits, Amanda worked as a 3D generalist in commercials at Luma Animation Studio and BFX Studios in Johannesburg. At Luma she was also the associate producer, animation director and project manager for a new micro-television series called Bun&Bunee, which flighted on SABC3.

From March 2014 Amanda has been working at Flux Animation in New Zealand. Here she was part of a team who produced 25 April, New Zealand’s first home-grown, fully animated feature film. She was involved with prop modeling and rigging, but mostly did layout, blocking and animation. Since June 2015, Amanda has been animation director and project coordinator for a number of projects, including the third season of Wiki the Kiwi, an original New Zealand television series for children.