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More about Digital Arts

Digital Arts produces graduates with a deep understanding of the theories and practice of Technology Arts. We focus on three key areas: Animation, Game Design and Interactive Media. Our students leave with diverse skill sets: technically, theoretically, and artistically. These elements are addressed holistically throughout our programs.  Our focus is on producing students that demonstrate adaptability and critical understanding in professional arenas: as independent artists, entrepreneurs, as well as in the more formalized workforce.

The vast potential that digital space offers is examined from within an African and South African context. Digital technologies are driving factors in economic and cultural development throughout Africa, and for our graduates to enter this space they have to be both technically and critically equipped to work within this challenging environment.


We offer undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes in:

  • Game Design
    • BA Digital Arts and BEngSc Digital Arts
  • BA Honours in Digital Arts
    • Specialisations in Animation, Interactive Media, or Game Design
  • MA in Digital Animation
    • Full-time coursework programme
  • MA in Interactive Media
    • Specialisations in Animation, Interactive Media, Interactive Writing and Narrative, and Game Design
  • MA in Digital Arts by Dissertation (Animation / Interactive / Game Design)