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Digital Arts
Game Design The BA Digital Arts (Game Design) is a four-year professional degree programme. This exciting field allows you to combine art, writing and coding to create actual games; from card and board games all the way through to full video games.
Game Design The BA Digital Arts (Game Design) is a four-year professional degree programme. This exciting field allows you to combine art, writing and coding to create actual games; from card and board games all the way through to full video games.

Qualification: BA Digital Arts

Faculty: Humanities

Duration: 4 years

School: Wits School of Arts

Study mode: Full-time


Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts Programme Code: AFA11

Combine technical and creative skills in game design. The BA in Digital Arts degree brings together the creative and technical aspects of game creation.

You will learn a variety of skills, including technical development and programming, illustration, animation, writing, and sound design. You will also learn about game history and theory, game mechanics, programming, puzzle design, Level design, character design, and much more.

As the degree progresses, you may choose to specialise in Animation, Writing and Interactivity or Interactive Art.

This multidisciplinary programme is offered to students from the School of Electrical and Information Engineering (BEngSc Digital Art) and the WSoA (BA Digital Arts).

  • Animator
  • Game Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Game Writer
  • VR Developer
  • Film, Visual and Performing Arts IA AND IB
  • Game Design IA AND IB
  • Digital Arts Practice IA AND IB


A student is required to complete two semester courses in one of the following languages: isiZulu or Sesotho or South African Sign Language (SASL). If a student is proficient in any two of the three languages (isiZulu, Sesotho or SASL), the student is advised to do one of the following: (i) register in a first-language stream for two courses in isiZulu or Sesotho, (ii) register for two courses in any one of the following: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, or (iii) formally apply to the Dean for exemption from the requirement to register for a language subject. Where an exemption has been granted, students must add a course/s yielding at least 36 credits in a subject approved by Senate. A student may also be granted a credit if s/he has completed the same or an equivalent course.

  • Digital Art Theory II
  • Game Design IIA AND IIB
  • Digital Art Design Project
  • Digital Art Practice II
  • Film, Visual and Performing Arts IIA: Storytelling across Media and Cultural Contexts
  • Digital Art Theory IIIA AND IIIBFilm
  • Film, Visual and Performing Arts IIIA: Aesthetics, Technologies and Commodity Cultures
  • Film, Visual and Performing Arts IIIB: Medium, Process and Criticality
  • Writing and Interactivity IIIA AND IIIB
  • Interactive Media IIIA AND IIIB
  • Animation IIIA AND IIIB
  • Game Design IIIA AND IIIB
  • Writing and Interactivity IIIA AND IIIB
  • Digital Arts Research Project
  • Digital Art Project IV

AND, select two courses from the following:

  • Animation IV
  • Game Design IV
  • Interactive Media IV
  • Writing and Interactivity IV

APS 34+

English Home Language OR First Additional Language Level 5


Applicants with an entry requirement of at least 30-33 APS points are wait-listed, subject to place availability.

Additional Selection Criteria

You will be required to attend a digital arts workshop and/or complete a questionnaire. Go to Additional Forms for more information. Due to limited space, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place. Final selection is made subject to place availability, academic results, and other entry requirements, where applicable.

Application Closing Date: 30 September 2022 | Residence Application Closing date: 30 September 2022

Please note, the application closing date for Bachelor of Audiology, Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology, and Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television is 30 June 2022

  • The Student Enrolment Centre at Wits handles all student applications.
  • Please click here for an overview of the application process. 
  • Check the admission requirements for your degree. Check if any additional selection requirements apply. 
  • Submit your application, required documentation and application fee before the closing date.
  • Once you have applied, an admissions consultant will be assigned to your application.
  • Applicants can monitor the progress of their applications via the Self Service Portal.
  • If you are an international applicant and/or have a foreign qualification, please click here.

Wits Plus applicants, applications can only be done online. We will be in contact with you should we require additional documentation.

Compliance with the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place at the University. The University has a specific number of places for first year undergraduates, approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Final selection is made subject to the availability of places, academic results and other entry requirements where applicable.

Click here to see the current average tuition fees for the first year of study. The Fees website also provides information about the payment of fees and closing dates for fees payments. Once you have applied you will be able to access the fees estimator on the student self-service portal. 

The Financial aid office provides information on student funding and scholarships. University-funded Scholarships include Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships, University Entrance Scholarships, Equality Scholarships, Sports Scholarships and National Olympiad winner awards. For information about NSFAS funding, please visit the NSFAS websiteExternal bursaries portal: The Bursaries South Africa website provides a comprehensive list of bursaries in South Africa.

Wits Plus applicants: terms of payment are in accordance with University regulations, and students are not eligible for University bursaries/NSFAS or residential accommodation.