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Vision and Mission

ISTN Brain



Being the only platform in its domain in South Africa, our vision is to be global leaders in creating new intellectual property and advanced treatment solutions for infectious, hereditary and lifestyle diseases.


Our research is at the interface of the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and polymer sciences applied to the fields of Advanced Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine, Biodegradable Implants, Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterials, 3D-Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering.

We approach hard to solve challenges in medicine through the discovery, design and development of a series of innovative technologies to provide first-in-the-world therapeutic solutions.

Our multidisciplinary projects benefit from collaborations with scientists with complementary expertise in molecular biology, neurology, medical oncology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, chemical engineering, gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology and microbiology.