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WADDP Research Team
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Research Innovators

(Late) Professor Viness Pillay (BPharm; MPharm; PhD; MASSAf; FAAS)

Personal Professor of Pharmaceutics  

Founding Director and Principal Researcher l WADDP (2007 - 2020)


Professor Yahya E. Choonara (BPharm; MPharm; PhD; FAAS; MASSAf; TWAS; MPS)

Personal Professor of Pharmaceutics l Chair: Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Director and Principal Researcher l WADDP

E: yahya.choonara@wits.ac.za


Associate Professor Pradeep Kumar (BPharm; MPharm; PhD; SAYAS)

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics

Co-Director and Principal Researcher l WADDP

E: pradeep.kumar@wits.ac.za


Associate Professor Lisa C. du Toit (BPharm; MPharm; PhD; SAYAS)

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Senior Researcher l WADDP

E: lisa.dutoit@wits.ac.za


Associate Professor Pierre Kondiah (BPharm; MPharm; PhD)

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Researcher l WADDP

E: pierre.kondiah@wits.ac.za


Dr. Thashree Marimuthu (BSc. Chem; MSc; PhD)

Senior Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Researcher l WADDP

E: thashree.marimuthu@wits.ac.za


Current Postdoctoral Fellows

 Postdoctoral Fellow

 Research Area

Dr. S. Indermun

Nanoneedles for Drug Delivery

Dr. M. Govender

Microbiotic Delivery Systems

Dr. S. Adeyemi

Intracellular Drug Delivery

 Dr. Phil Ubanako

 Cell-Nanoparticle Communication

 Dr. Olufemi Akilo

 Nose-to-Brain Technologies


Current PhD Candidates

 PhD Candidate


P. Mothobi

Transdermal Systems, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Pain

P. Bawa

Stimuli-Responsiveness, Gastro-Floatable System, Bioavailability

P. Obulapuram

Tissue Engineering, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Wound Healing

L. Mapela

Polymer-Conjugates, Microbial Polysaccharides, Nanosystems

G. Mahumane

Nano-Reinforcement, Hydrogel, Neural Tissue Regeneration

B. Geldenhuys

Neuro-Injectable Device, Soft Tissue Engineering, Neurodegenerative Disorders

M. Nyoka

3D-Bioprinting, Neural Tissue, Biomimetism

M. Sithole

Soft Tissue Engineering, 3D Bioprinting, Healing 

L. Freidus

Theranostics, Cancer Therapy, 3D Bioprinting

O. Uwaezuok

Protein Resistant Biomaterials, Ocular Intervention, Biomaterials

C. Twala

Ocular Device, Surface Tumor, Targeting

F. Takalani

Nanotechnology, Viral Eradication, Female Reproductive Tract, ARVs

Y. Hoosen

Nanoliposomes, Ovarian Cancer, Targeting

H. Ndlovu

Nanotechnology, Hydrogels, Wound Healing

S. Mavuso

Implant, Anti-Thrombotic Agents, Site-Specific Delivery

P. Purazi

Nanomedicine, Anti-Malarial Efficacy, Bioavailability

C. Kibunu

Electroresponsive Hydrogels, Targeted Bioactive Delivery


Current Masters Candidates

 Masters Candidate


P. Mahlumbo 

Minimally Invasive, Intravitreal Implant, Avastin

K. Mokolobate

Topical Drug Delivery, Posterior Segment, Targeted Delivery

P. Kondiah

Stimuli-Responsive, Osteogel, Bone Tissue Engineering

K. Rhoda

Antibody-Conjugation, Nanomicelles, Ovarian Cancer

Z. Seedat

Ionic Liquids, Dual Function, Psoriasis

M. Anwary

Ocular, Biostimulus, Polymer-Drug Conjugate, Inflammation

A. Parak

Nanovector, Cervical Cancer

L. Mothabeng

Biomimetic, Injectable Synovial Fluid

S. Binny

Cyclodextrin, Nanosponges, Sublingual Wafer

Z. Cassim

Probiotic, Localised Action

S. Kola

Platelet Inspired, Drug Delivery

D. Brouwer

3D-Printed, Electroconductivity, Bioscaffold

M. Sumaila

Liposaccharide, Iinfectious Diseases, Bioavailability

K. da Silva

3D-Printed, Artificial ECM Scaffold

R. Khan

Topica Delivery, Gas Gangrene

H. Cassimjee

Proteosaccharide, 3D Scaffold, Tissue Engineering

N. Shezi

Neurodurability, Nanofibres, Scaffold

T. Sarwan

Thermo-Responsiveness, Injectable, Wound Healing

D. Essa

Injectable Nanoparticles, Prostate Cancer, Targeting

F. Mutingwende

Nanogel Carrier, Antidepressants, Oral Therapeutics

V. Chivere

Biopolymers, Oral Drug Delivery, Anti-Cancer Molecule

P. Ramiah

Oral Nanoliposome, Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Site-Specific

S. Comaren

Subconjunctival, Nano-Bioadhesive, Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis

C. Lynch

Nano-Wires, Anti-Virals, Ocular Drug Delivery

K. de la Harpe

3D Monofilaments, Biosutures, Microvascular Surgery

T. Moqejwa

3D-Bioprinted Liposomes, Cannabis, Pain Management 

J. Lekoloane

Bioresponsive, Injectable Ocugel, Cataract

A. Nana

Magnetic Nanowires, Site Specific, Testicular Cancer

D. Mmakola

Oral NanoTherapeutics, CNS, Bioactives

E. Cohen

Copolymers, NanoDots, Parkinson's disease

K. Naik

Vitreous Substitute, Intracocular Drug Resevoir

K. Moodley

Decalcified Blood Vessels, Site-Specific Gels

A. Suleman

Osteosarcoma, Osteomimetic Biomaterials

M. Lategan

Neural Tissue Engineering, Traumatic Brain Injury


WADDP Lab Alumni

 Postdoctoral Fellow

 Research Area

Dr. M. Ogunrombi

Pharmaceutical Biomaterials

Dr. N. Chirwa

Cancer Treatment using Ligand-Based Nanotechnology

Dr. V. Ndesendo

Nanostructures for Neuro-Nanopharmaceuticals

Dr. O. Adeleke

Cytotoxicity and Biocompatibility of Polyamides

Dr. L. Tomar

Oral Delivery of Cytokines

Dr. C. Tyagi

Electrospinning and 3D Drug Delivery Constructs

Dr. D. Bijukumar

Chronotherapeutic Technologies

Dr. J. Mulla

Drug Delivery Systems for Genetic Disorders

Dr. D. Chejara

Microfluidics in Drug Delivery

Dr. M. Mabrouk

Polymer Signaling for Switchable Drug Delivery

Dr. R. Badhe

Polypeptide Synthesis

Dr. A. Chakraborty

Mechanical Deformation of Biomedical Systems

Dr. P. Pradeep

Synthesis of Neuroactive Molecules

Dr. P. Ramburrun

Vascular Tissue Engineering



 PhD Candidate


Dr. G. Cornelia

Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Dr. P. Komane

Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes, Stroke

Dr. P. Kumar 

Self-assembling Nanofibers, Neural Tissue Repair

Dr. J. Pantshwa 

Antibody Functionalized Nanomicelles, Ovarian Cancer

Dr. P. Ramburrun

Intercalated-Pristine Composites, Bioactive Release

Dr. B. Choonara

Oral Core-Melt Tablet, Gastro-Sensitive Molecules

Dr. S. Adeyemi

Drug Delivery, Oseaphageal Cancer

Dr. K. Murugan

Neogeometrical Nanoparticles, Psoriasis

Dr. M. Siyawamwaya

Extrusion-Spheronization, Drug Solubility and Permability

Dr. O. Akilo

Ferroelectric and Dielectric Polymers, Intranasal Drug Delivery

Dr. F.G Hoosein

Nanogel, Cervical Cancer

Dr. N. Mayet

Wound Healing, Responsive Biomaterials

Dr. M. Govender

Oral Delivery, Probiotics

Dr. S. Indermun 

Modified Food Grade Starch, Drug Delivery

Dr. P. Kondiah

Intracellular Drug Delivery, Motor Neuron Disease

Dr. M. Braithwaite

Interactive Gel, Vitamins and Co-Factor Delivery

Dr. S. Mufamadi

Nano-Lipobubbles, Intracranial Drug Delivery

Dr. A. Hibbins

Oral Ghost Matrix, Peptide Delivery

Dr. L.C. du Toit 

Bioresponsive Implant, Depot Drug Delivery

Dr. N. Ngwuluka

Nanocomposite, Oral Levodopa Delivery, Neuroavailability

Dr. O.A. Kolawole

Pore-Regulated Matrices, Transmucosal Drug Delivery

Dr. Y.E. Choonara

Doughnut-Shaped Minitablet, Intraocular Drug Delivery Implant

Dr. V. Ndesendo

Controlled Release, Intravaginal Device



 Masters Candidate


A. Zardad

Shape-Memory Nanoparticles

F. Mia

Controlled Release Depot

Z. Hayiyana

Eluting-Supramolecular Contact Lens-Like Device

N. Masina

Modified Food Grade Materials in Drug Delivery

S. Mavuso

Stimuli-Reponsive Topical Formulation

M. Sithole

Semi-synthetic Biopolymers for Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery

Z. Mazibuko

Nanostructures for Intracellular Drug Delivery

L. Singh

Virus-Like Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

T. Kgesa

Nanocomposite Waxes for Drug Delivery

M. Manyikana

Multi-Layered Cryogels for Transmucosal Bioactive Delivery

F. Mashingaidze

Microbicide-Loaded Intravaginal Device

M. Ngoepe

Nanosensors for Disease Prevention

D. Frank

Long-Circulating Nano-Lipobubbles for Cancer Targeting

Y. Dawood

Novel Food-Grade Delivery Vehicles

R. Moosa

Porous Dissolvable Solid Eye Drops

T. Govender

Nano-enabled Scaffold for Schizophrenic Drugs

A. Wadee

Prolonged Release Implant to target Solid Tumors

R. Shaikh

Multi-Layered Composite Membrane for Oral Drug Delivery

K. Moodley

Nano-Enabled Oral Tablet for Low Bioavailable Drugs

B. Sibeko

Thin Membranes for Modulated Chemotherapeutic Agents

D. Hazle

Prolonged Drug Delivery from Multi-Spheres in Periodontal Disease

T. Tsai 

Electroactive Device for Chronic Pain Management

Z. Khan

Multi-Layered Multi-Disc Tablet for Specialized Drug Delivery

C. Phillips

Carbon Nanotube Toxicity Assessment

S. Cooppan

Once Daily Multi-Units for Site-Specific Drug Delivery

C. Murphy

Gastroretentive Systems for Narrow Absorption Window Drugs

D. Reddy

Rapid Release Wafers

P. Bawa

Stimuli-Responsive In Situ Crosslinked Gastro-Floatable System

C. Dott

Spongy Nano-Fibre Matrices as Solid Hydrogels

S. Harilall

Neuro-Implant for AIDS Dementia Complex

N. Usai

Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Targeted Biomolecular Delivery

F. Ismail

Polyethylene Oxide as a Tool for Adjustable Drug Delivery

P. Fasinu

Improved Oral Bioavailability via Computationally Modeled Biomodulators

K. Hobbs

Rate-Modulated FDC for Mild to Moderate Pain

S. Sewlall

Triple-Layer Double-Disk Device for Phase-Controlled Drug Delivery

S. Pillay

Implantable Scaffold for Parkinson’s disease

S. Moonisami

Gastroretentive Device for NAW Drugs

S. Sibambo

Modification of Polyesters for Prolonged Drug Delivery Applications

L. du Toit

Formulation of an Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Delivery System

O.A. Kolawole

Modifying the 3D Network of Polyamides for Drug Delivery

N. Singh

Crosslinked Polyspheres for Site-Specific Drug Delivery of Neuroprotectants

R. Patel

Wafer Technology for Rate-Modulated Oramucosal Drug Delivery

W. Sibanda

Polymeric Complexes via Innovative Crosslinking for Drug Delivery

Y.E. Choonara

Doughnut-Shaped Minitablet for Intraocular Implantation

F. Agbotse

Stress-Strain Properties of Hydrophilic Polymeric Matrices