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Our Research

Research in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering has two main roles. First, through the training of high level manpower, it supplies human resources necessary for the development of society. It is well recognised that the calibre of teaching and quality of research at universities are strongly linked. The development of strong problem-solving skills and an enquiring mind are natural consequences of a research orientation.

Second, it supplies an information resource. By its very nature research has to do with the extraction, manipulation, and generation of information. As an engineering department much of the research in the School is strongly linked with industry's needs, both in problem solving mode and in the development of new technologies.

The School proudly hosts research units and groups which contribute to the development of local industry and policy. We also provide details of funding opportunities for new postgradautes. Applicants should note that, in general, these funds exclude registration and administration fees.

There are a number of research opportunities and academic staff members for each research area.