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Research papers

1. Laryea, S and Watermeyer, R.B (2014). Innovative construction procurement at Wits University. Proceedings of the ICE-Management, Procurement and Law,167(5), 220–231

Wits University in South Africa used a mixture of innovative procurement and contract strategies to deliver a portfolio of capital projects within 6% of the control budget over a period of six years. This paper examines the procurement strategies and project organization techniques adopted to deliver projects successfully. (Paper includes discussion).

2. Laryea, S and Watermeyer, R.B (2016). Early contractor involvement in framework contracts. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Management, Procurement and Law 169(1), 4–16

Framework contracts at Wits University in South Africa were linked to Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). This paper presents the findings of research into the approach and identifies the conditions underlying its successful application.

3. Laryea, S and Watermeyer, R.B (2017). Comparison of two infrastructure project implementation models in a developing country. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Management, Procurement and Law

The paper presents a comparative analysis of public sector infrastructure projects implemented using a traditional public sector model versus projects implemented using a modern management contractor model is presented. The overall evidence demonstrates that the management contracting system is efficient and delivers significant advantages.

4. Laryea, S and Watermeyer, R.B (2020). Managing uncertainty in Fast Track Construction Projects: Case study from South Africa. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Management, Procurement and Law. Volume 173 Issue 2, May 2020, pp. 49-63

This paper examines the client’s delivery management approach used to successfully manage the uncertainty and deliver within budget. The setting of a rigorous control budget, designing to the budget, working collaboratively, disciplined management of the control budget and continuous value engineering enabled the desired project outcomes to be achieved.

5. Mosalaesi, S and Laryea, S. (2019) Organisational structure of client teams in two successful infrastructure projects. CIB World Building Congress, Hong Kong SAR, China 17 – 21

This study develops a systematic understanding of the contemporary structure of a client’s infrastructure project delivery team set up for programme or project delivery to enable successful achievement of the intended objectives.