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Discussion papers

Civil Engineering. The critical role played by the client in delivering infrastructure project outcomes. (Ron Watermeyer) January/February 2019

This article, drawing on the findings of two case studies, one of an unsuccessful project (DG One Complex in Dumfries) and the other from a successful project (First phase of the delivery of two new South African universities), and the recently published e-book, Client Guide for Improving Infrastructure Project Outcomes, outlines what clients ought to do to improve project outcomes.

Civil Engineering. Unpacking framework agreements for the delivery and maintenance of infrastructure. (Ron Watermeyer). January /February 2013

Describes the fundamentals of a framework agreement, proposes organisational policy requirements and suitable forms of contract.

WABER Conference. Factors Causing Inefficient Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery Management in South Africa (Samuel Laryea). August 2019

Analyses factors responsible for inefficient procurement and delivery management in South Africa and presents technical insights thereto.

CIDB Post Graduate Conference. Realising value for money through procurement strategy in the delivery of public infrastructure. (Ron Watermeyer) February 2014

Discusses the potential that procurement strategy has to maintain the value for money proposition established at the time that a decision to proceed with a project is made. It also outlines the culture change to effectively implement procurement strategies.

WABER Conference. Design and Adoption of Innovative Procurement Systems in Infrastructure Delivery (Ron Watermeyer) August 2015

Discusses the characteristics of a procurement system that is likely to deliver value for money during implementation of infrastructure projects

NATIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION Public infrastructure delivery and construction sector dynamism in the South African economy (Ron Watermeyer and Sean Phillips) April 2020

This paper informs the NPC’s review of progress towards the NDP’s Vision 2030 with regard to public infrastructure delivery and construction sector dynamism. it focusses on that which is in the control of government. As such it identifies the primary causes of underspending and other problems relating to public infrastructure procurement and delivery management and what should be done to address them.