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SOCM Funding for Publications

Publication cost

Please note that there are two options available for publication payments. The first and preferred option is available within the School of Clinical Medicine (SOCM) and will cover 100% of the publication cost. The second option is available via the Central Library and will cover part of the publication cost. The details to access the sources of funding are explained below:

Option 1:  SOCM Publication Fund Application.

Please note that there is funding available in the School for the full payment of publications in accredited journals.  Funding is available to staff and students within the School on a first-come-first-serve basis. This funding is not applicable for research units.

The School can pay for the publications directly or reimburse the authors. Applications can be submitted via the hyperlink above.

Funding is limited and available until Friday, 29 November 2024.

Option 2: Wits Open Access Publishing Fund Application

Kindly note that there is also funding available from the central library for all researchers including research units. The library will reimburse the researcher for part of the publication fee.

The central library will require the following documents:

*For assistance with the completion of Central library APC funding application forms, please contact the relevant administrative staff member within your respective departments/divisions/units.

Kindly contact should you have any issues with the link above.