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Departmental Vision and Values

Departmental Vision:

To be a ground-breaking family medicine department, based on a clear shared focus on undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, primary care service delivery and relevant research, leading to respect from others and pride in our excellence

Shared Values of the Department

  • Teamwork with individuality
  • Nurturing, caring and respect
  • Resilient and adaptable
  • Innovative within a context of limited resources
  • Strong shared leadership with commitment and hard work from all
  • Collaboration, with partnerships and an awareness of what others are doing

Moving towards our Vision

We recognise that we are in a state of change, with much uncertainty and vulnerability, and are working in a system which is not always receptive, and is sometimes antagonistic, to what we are trying to do. The challenges are enormous. We are aware of the risks and dangers. Yet we have many strengths and a solid basis on which to work. We have a growing team, which has great potential. With a focused vision, hard work and leadership, we can achieve our vision. To do this, we will need to balance our academic and service delivery commitments within the context of a multi-task discipline, and to collaborate with internal and external partners.