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Support Groups


Join our Wits-Be True 2 Me weekly social support group for transgender people, which is also open to the public. Meetings occur every Friday afternoon from 13:30-15:30, including during exams and vacation periods. Though the support group has an age limit of 18, we welcome all +18s, at any stage of their journey, in exploring their gender identity, finding community, entering social/medical transition steps or seeking more information. The group is co-facilitated by Wits Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advocacy Programme staff. The group is not a replacement for counselling or crisis support, but will be a valuable resource for anyone who is seeking extra support. If you are in therapy or seeing a doctor for your mental wellness, we recommend asking your professional if a social support group is right for you.

Be True 2 Me is an NGO that provides support to transgender and intersex people in South Africa and has kindly partnered with our office to provide a support group to the university community and beyond. Additional support groups are offered by Be True 2 Me, including online support groups via Microsoft Teams.

Should you wish to sign up to join the group, or access more information, please contact us.