Transformation at Wits

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Transformation Projects

The Transformation office participates and runs projects that seek to improve the institutional culture and preserve the diverse cosmopolitan University community through thought provoking projects that seek to raise awareness and education on issues that affect the community and the country.

Wits O-Week

The Transformation Office participates in the universities orientation programme for first years. The Office gives presentations and lectures to new students on issues that might affect them and offers a platform to un pack all the recourse mechanisms at the disposal of the students. In partnership with other departments the TEEO understands the importance of this programme for new students 

Dialogue Sessions

The Transformation Office partners with leading social commentators, students, academics, management, activists and other relevant departments, aimed at creating social change through dialogue and critical engagement for positive solutions. Topics covered include identity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, class and HIV/AIDS Xenophobia and all the asymmetrics of oppression that affect the Institutional culture and the greater society.  Panelists are invited to reflect their interest points or academic projects in a conceited effort to critically engage institutional and societal problems

Student Photographic Competition

The student photographic competition is an innovative look at transformation, which can be a difficult topic to speak about. Students are invited to enter images representing their understanding of transformation. The images are exhibited at the Wits Arts and Literature Experience (WALE) and archived for future use in Wits publications and promotions. Winners receive cash prizes and hampers.

Stakeholder engagement

The Transformation office strives to partner with the broader university and broader society to tackle issues that affect the society. It is on this premise that the TEEO seeks to partner with relevant organizations, persons and departments to drive transformation in the university and abroad. The TEEO is committed to partner with any student society, department , persons that drive transformation within the university