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Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • To prohibit the different manifestations of unfair discrimination, based on, but not limited to, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, conscience and beliefs.
  • To prevent and eliminate any conduct of unfair discrimination by any member of the University community against another, which may undermine her or his human dignity. Such conduct of unfair discrimination may include, but is not limited, to bullying and / or harassment.
  • To clarify the procedure, the responsibilities and the obligations of all to promote equality in the university.
  • To establish appropriate and accessible interventions for staff and students to address allegations of unfair discrimination.

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedures [PDF]

Employment equity policy
  • Is to achieve equity in the workplace by-
    • Promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment through the elimination of unfair discrimination.
    • Implementing Affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantage in employment experienced by designated groups
    • To ensure equitable representation in all occupational levels in the workforce

We are moving from EE Compliance to embracing Transformation.

Employment Equity Policy [PDF].

Anti-bullying policy
  • A key aspect of University life and culture is to enable and foster academically meaningful, collegial, rigorous and robust engagement among members of the University community.
  • It is challenging to have a safe, empowering and inclusive work environment with the presence of bullying because of the negative impact it has on the individual and the institutional culture as a whole
  • Bullying is a single traumatic incident or repeated incidents of unjustified, unwanted conduct. This conduct insults, demeans, humiliates, lowers self-esteem or self-confidence and can create a hostile or intimidating environment. Bullying is calculated to induce, by submission or by actual or threatened adverse consequences, an unacceptable learning or work environment for an individual.
  • Bullying has a debilitating impact on mental and emotional wellbeing of staff and students.
  • The Anti-Bullying policy is a way of protecting us all from Bullying. Ensuring that situations where individuals, or groups of people, experience bullying are dealt with appropriately in a way that works to eradicate the presence of bullying from the institution and foster a safe, inclusive and empowering work environment.

Policy on the Prevention and Eradication of Bullying [PDF]