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Wits Ally

If you are LGBTIAQ+ identified or know someone who is, you may be in need of some support. Safe Zones allies are here to listen to you, provide a non-judgemental space for you to share your feelings, and, if necessary, point you in the direction of people who may be able to provide expert support with relationships, reporting discrimination, coming out, health, transitioning, getting support on campus and other areas of LGBTIAQ+ life. 

Safe Zones allies are not therapists but are trained to understand LGBTIAQ+ issues and are members of the University community who are here to listen and support where you're at. 

To find a Safe Zone ally in your faculty, school, residence, department or elsewhere at the University, please contact:

Mx Tish Lumos by email: or at +27 11 717 9154/1456